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      Planning for a Yoga Retreat


      Does the idea of attending a Yoga Retreat excite you? Do some planning first, before you decide, and your retreat can prove to be one of those special events of your life.

      Here are some FAQs that will guide you in planning your yoga retreat.



      1.Why join a yoga retreat?

      A retreat is a wonderful way to find oneself...to totally relax...to learn something of value, while enjoying rest, beautiful surroundings, with people of like mind. The ultimate treat to oneself.

      A yoga retreat is ideal for anyone who wants a stress-free vacation, while doing an activity they love..or want to learn more about. In this case -- yoga.

      It is a learning experience wherein you can relax, unwind and renew your health. It is an opportunity to connect and share with other people with similar experiences and even explore an exciting nature adventure simultaneously.

      A perfect yoga retreat allows us to go more deeply into our yoga practice in its different aspects: postures, breathing, and meditation.

      2.Who goes on a yoga retreat?

      Yoga retreats are offered for yoga professionals and yoga students of any level as well. These retreats are usually designed to progressively introduce the practice of yoga, giving anyone the opportunity to learn at their own pace and ability.

      Families, couples and singles take advantage of retreats. Slightly more women within the age range of 24-65 years tend to populate these wonderful yoga events. People looking for a transformative and memorable vacation experience enroll in a yoga retreat to try their hand at "something new".

      3.Where to spend your retreat?

      Yoga retreats are offered all over the world. You can pick and choose a place you’re interested in exploring. Any relaxing place is ideal for yoga. Your chosen venue can be close to the nature, in the countryside, a wooded haven, in the mountains or near the sea.

      4.Do I need to get a yoga instructor?

      A yoga instructor is highly recommended, especially for beginners. The retreats provide the opportunity for the instructor to get a better sense of your strengths and weaknesses, and work with you personally to accommodate your needs and skills.

      Familiarizing yourself with yoga by attending a class before your retreat is helpful. This will help build your confidence and engage you in the approaches and expectations of a yoga class.

      5.Do I need to know someone else on the retreat to get the most from it?

      Absolutely not. One of the great things about a retreat is that you’ll have the chance to meet and work with other people. These people could be your best source of information, inspiration, and become some of your most welcome friends. A yoga retreat can help you to learn new techniques, and above all, have fun.

      6.What to wear during the retreat?

      Casual, comfortable clothing is best. But if you are traveling somewhere unfamiliar, you can check with the retreat organizer to be prepared for the local weather there. One must also take local culture into consideration in other parts of the world, and be sure to dress appropriately to meet local sensitivities. In some cases, clothing requirements are likely to be defined, especially if there will be religious services.

      7.What to bring on your yoga retreat?

      Yoga retreats vary, some are like camping, some are in hotels, and others are closer to the resorts. Therefore, please ask your retreat organizer for the things you should bring. You might be advised to bring some special items like flashlights, a bathing suit, yoga mats, etc. Be sure to inquire about necessary passports and visas if traveling overseas.

      So, are you ready now for a breathtaking experience?

      When packing and preparing for this wonderful adventure, keep your purpose in mind : to relax, learn and have fun!































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