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      Staying Fit with Yoga Exercises



      After you have experienced a stressful situation, your body is stressed and fatigued, but your mind and spirit as well are heavily impacted.

      Frustration, anger, disappointment, depression, shock -- all are feelings that take a negative toll on our bodies --and our spirit. We often don't recognize how intensely we are affected by day to day stresses on the innermost areas of our being. This negativity needs to be released to attain and maintain our health.

      One effective way to find relief from these toxic accumulations of negative stresses is through Yoga exercise. Yoga exercises are also a superb way to free your mind and concentrate deeply.

      When you feel like shouting out loud or beating the walls, you can instead release your tension through yoga exercises that are effective and helpful -- and far easier on your decoratng allowance!






      Works stresses can be relieved after a hard day by retreating to your yoga practice regularly. It will help you to find peace of mind as you become more aware of your inner self and connect to your body and spirit as well.

      Yoga exercises can be learned in school or at home. DVD's and videos or any of a number of excellent books can guide you to the peace and health you seek.

      The Hatha Yoga exercises are highly recommended for stress relief. Consistency of practice will bring quicker results and you will soon notice improvements taking place in your body, as well as with your ability to function mentally. Your spirit will be brightened and your outlook and perspective changed for the better. Additional benefits derived are toned muscles, glands and organs cleansed, massaged and renewed, and a reinvigorated spirit. Yoga practice of many types can make you fit, strengthen your body, clear your mind and renew your spirit. A complete package of ultimate health.

      Your yoga sessions should always begin with a a relaxation period and ended with one for the benefits of your yoga efforts to have maximum impact, and to help your body accumulate the postive effects over time.

      Before beginning your yoga poses, relax and warm your system to prepare it for the exercises to come. To start, simply lie in a relaxed position and allow distractions to melt from your scene. There will be no pain or discomfort, just simple relaxation.

      Yoga exercises can be done at any time of the day and any where you feel comfortable. Many find the morning to be the best time to practice, before eating breakfast. By practicing your yoga activity in the morning, the mind is usually in its most calm state of the day and freer of distraction. Yoga is most effective when you are able to focus free of distraction.

      You should not eat at least an hour before your yoga session so that your stomach is empty. Empty your bowels and clear your nose from mucus. Find a quiet place where you feel secure, comfortable and serene. It should be well ventilated and free from all unpleasant smells, sounds and items.

      Once you have discovered the yoga routine that suits you the best, practice it diligently and consistently. You will soon begin to see and feel the amazing transformation that is taking place on various levels of your being.

      Yoga is your simple, inexpensive and effective solution to remedy the pain and negatives of our modern lives.

      Yoga has been practiced, appreciated and has healed countless numbers for thousands of years. Our ancestors studied, practiced and developed these amazing techniques through the ages and passed them along to benefit future generations. It is a gift from the ancients, rediscovered for today, and just waiting for you to claim your part.































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