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      Index of all Articles in the Yoga Basics Category

      • Yoga - Learn the Basics

        Understanding what Yoga is is one of the foundations of successful practice.There are actually many different types of yoga; it is not strictly a term for the stretchy exercise that most of us think of when we hear the term. Yoga is not a religion, although its practice can lead to enlightenment and a higher spiritual bond. The term yoga can refer to any of these following concepts.

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      • Why Yoga - What Can Yoga Do for Me

        Yoga, as a whole, is very advantageous, especially for people who are busy with little time to relax. Yoga is a form of relaxation and meditation, offering many benefits. It increases flexibility, massages the body organs and relieves stress... for starters! The gentle, slow yoga exercises provide many benefits over time, beyond what we often expect.

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